adidas Skateboarding 3ST
Friday, 30, March, 2018

adidas is definitely on the forefront of everything these days including their skateboarding division with a brand new shoe collection. 

Dubbed as the 3ST. this new batch of adi skate sneakers are the direct result of the brand's new “open source workshop design approach. Also released with the public statement that goes: ” Known as the “brainchild of top designers and athletes coming together to disrupt and re-define skate shoes,” the 3ST banks on the TORSION support system for stability, flexibility and skatability. The adiTuff technology is also incorporated within the shoes to fight off damage as well as to make each pair durable enough to withstand the rigours of the sport. Na-kel Smith had a hand in designing the shoes. 

“3ST is a perfect example of what can be achieved with open dialogue, open minds, and true collaboration between a team of artists in their respective crafts—a bold creation that reimagines the vulcanized shoe in the skateboarding industry,” reads a statement from adidas Skateboarding Senior Footwear Designer Scott Johnston. “The best part of the workshop process was involving our skateboarders so early on in the design process to ensure the products’ authenticity to the team and skateboarding.”

Definitely a step beyond and made affordable, view the adidas Skateboarding’s new 3ST collection above. 

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