The Pizza Hut Pie Tops 2.0
Thursday, 8, March 2018

Food and sneakers are basic common interests that bring people together. Imagine the pandemonium when the two are brought together.

Just last year, Pizza Hut unboxed the revolutionary Pie Tops, a shoe that enables the wearer to cop pizzas with just a push of a button. This time, the company is back with a vengeance with the Pie Tops 2.0.

Designed with the notoriously awesome The Shoe Surgeon, pizza orders can be placed by simply pressing on the right tongue. The shoe is no shame either as the 2 colorways can rival current heat releases. This new version can even pause live TV viewing! Groundbreaking!

Available in red and wheat this March 19, foodies and sneakerheads... you know what to do!

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