Top 6 Movie-Inspired Shoes You Need to Know About
Friday, 28, September, 2018

Do you think clothing brands or artists were only the ones who collaborated with sneaker giants? Read on to learn more about shoes that were inspired by films, creating a whole new direction for the scene on a different level of hype! 

Scarface – Nike Air Force 1 Low- Featuring polar colors on one pair, Nike was ahead of its time when they released a tribute pair for “Scarface,” which starred Al Pacino. The shoe was literally split in half, going white on the lateral sides and black on the medial – cut down even until the tongue label – to match the iconic Scarface movie poster.

Coraline Nike SB Dunk Highs- The film, Coraline, featured a secret code at the end of the credits that prospective buyers need to be able to have had a chance to purchase these shoes! With only a thousand pairs released, these shoes have become very sought after – the pair features a stitched pattern, much like some of the characters in the movie. A limited edition of 15 pairs were also sold, which came in a wooden box that could be only opened with a special key.



Space Jam – Air Jordan 11 - Being the highest-grossing basketball movie of all time, the Warner-Bros. Produced film paired Michael Jordan with Bugs Bunny and the Looney Toons. The movie resonated with the younger market, further making it an ever bigger box office success. The pair has re-released throughout the years since it first released, and it’s always a guaranteed sellout!

Forrest Gump – Nike Cortez- Ever wonder why the Cortez has been becoming popular again? Forrest Gump features the classic Nike Cortez, gifted to Forrest before he ran across the country, inspiring a flock of people to follow him on this run.

Back to the Future – Nike Air Mags
We’re pretty sure you’ve been also jealous of Marty McFly for his super fly shoes all these years! If you really like them, Nike has already released them along with other hyperadapt shoes in the last 2 years. You could cop one to flex if you’re really a fan, but it will surely burn a hole in your pocket.

Nightmare On Elm Street – Nike SB Dunk Low “Freddy Krueger”
Truly, there is no pair scarier from the Halloween Pack than the Freddy Krueger Dunk SB's. A wild concept. Manufactured in 2007, The overall design represents the violent vibe that made him notorious and worthy of his own shoe.