A Reverse SBB Jordan 1 with a Twist
Monday, 24, September, 2018

Usually before we get to take home the sneakers we want from a store, we are asked to make last minute checks on the pair for flaws and manufacturing defects.

In this isolated case, Andrea Canziani just hit a happy shoe mishap when he ordered a pair of “Reverse Shattered Backboards” this one was ordered online and imagine his disbelief when it arrived. A US size 7, came with an upside down swoosh.

In a perfect world, a factory flaw means that the sneaker you are getting is not worth it, it's a compromise on product integrity and quality. But for this case, factory flaws and seconds can mean a great deal of money.

The listing price for this one is rumored €125,000 (approximately $146,000) good luck on that!

Source: Highsnobiety