Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1
Monday, 03, September, 2018

The newest Jordan 1... is not a basketball shoe! 

After its NYC-only releases through Kith and Extra Butter, a global release has been set for a global release. Best known for his video series entitled “GO,” the Queens-born professional BMX athlete has been recognized for his first-hand POV of his rides throughout major global city streets, featuring familiar places around the world, and sometimes even random appearances from celebrities while only using a GoPro!

At the young age of 18, he got signed by Nike and Mirra Co, giving the BMX sport a new sense of flavor while riding in the Air Jordan 1 – a shoe that has mostly had history with skateboarding, although not necessarily BMX. Nigel doesn’t ride with breaks – instead, he uses his shoes to reduce his momentum. For this reason, his newly-released AJ1s sport a worn look fresh out of the box, showing off unique scuffs on each pair and an already-yellowed upper/midsole. The stitched-on swoosh on the medial side has been replaced by a simple hint of white detailing along with perforations as a silver version deck out the lateral side.

The Jordan 1 sports a small swoosh at its forefoot, another uncommon thing for the pair. Nigel’s shoes are topped off with a black tongue and a weathered red outsole, marked with “Jordan Biking Co” on its inner collar. They just recently dropped at Titan and if you still have the means to purchase them, go for it! You wouldn’t have to worry about wearing them out – Nike has already done that for you.

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