6 shoephoric Sneaker Essentials to Own
Friday, 31, August, 2018

Shoes will always be a staple in one's #SHOUTFIT, they are investments to feed one's need for style. Here are some essential pairs that should be staples in one's rotation. But due to budget constraints, where can your shoe money go? Would it be practical to buy one special holy grail? Or would you rather be versatile, practical and multi-faceted? Here are our top 6 kicks to cop if you want a well rounded rotation for your daily look. Who says practical should look ordinary? It's all up to you! 

WHITE SHOES- Total 80's feels. The white shoe matches everything you rock. Never bought a pair ever? Try the all white FILA Disruptors for that chunky all white vibe. 

TRAINERS- Athletic, versatile and comfortable, you can never go wrong with the ever awesome athletic trainers. Comfort is king and so are you.

BASKETBALL SHOES- Whether you're a baller or not, basketball kicks will always be nice to rock. If they perfrom super good on court, they will in a normal street setting. Hello, Michael Jordan started it all!

FASHION SNEAKERS- Take your pick from a wide array of awesome designer brands. From the subdued to the chunky, to the super runway-worthy. From Balenciaga, to OFF-WHITE, there will always be a luxe shoe to fit your preference.

 ALL-BLACK SNEAKERS- Call it gothic, metal, rock or extremely practical. All Black sneakers will always be a must. They age lesser than their white counterparts and yes, they go well with almsot everything.

THE MODERN SLIP ONS- Ever reliable and easy to rock, the Slip-Ons should always be in your radar as they can be rocked indoors and outdoors. It's like a sandal but it's not. It's a modern day slipper that can get you in even at bars!

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