The Nike Virgil Abloh X Serena Williams Collection
Wednesday, 15, August, 2018

Serena Williams will always be an iconic personality in and out of the tennis world. Her sense of fashion is truly groundbreaking and inspiring. This time around, Nike has just released an official look at its capsule collection just made for her. Designed by the moment's hottest designer of almost everything... Virgil Abloh.

Made to celebrate this year's US Open Tennis Championships and dubbed as "the Queen Collection," the project gives Abloh the chance to explore a new canvas- the tennis dress and more...

“With Serena, we have one of our generation’s most powerful, inspiring athletes as the muse,” says Abloh. “I was trying to embody her spirit and bring something compelling and fresh to tennis.”

The designer incorporates Serena’s obesession with dance and ballet into the collection's aesthetics with tutu vibes to dazzle the competition.

“What I love about tennis is the gracefulness. It’s an aggressive and powerful game, but it takes touch and finesse,” the designer adds. “So the dress is feminine, but combines her aggression. It’s partially revealing. It’s asymmetrical. It has a sort of ballerina-esque silhouette to symbolize her grace. It’s not about bells and whistles and tricks. It’s just about it living on the body, and expressing Serena’s spirit with each swing of the racket.”

To add to the ensemble, Serena is also slated to rock a special PE edition of her NikeCourt Flare 2 when she sets the court ablaze in New York City.

The Virgil Abloh Nike Queen Collection for Serena Williams will include day and nighttime dresses, a bomber jacket, a bag, the NikeCourt Flare 2, and limited editions of The 10 Nike Air Max 97 and The 10 Nike Blazer Mid SW.

Truly, sneaker and sports design has come a long way. Not bad for the OFF-WHITE main man... not bad at all!

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Source: Highsnobiety