6 Awesome Dudes to Follow on Instagram
Friday, 10, August, 2018

If you got the hunger for more inspirations for your next SHOUTFIT posts, then you have come to the right place with these guys. If last week it's for the ladies, then this time it's for the guys! Take some cues from them and beat your peers to the punch! 

Check them out and tell us what you think! 

Danny Lomas (@dannylomass)

If you’re after that vintage look, Danny is definitely the one for you. You can see him wearing polos, button downs, and more. Sometimes he even wears a hankerchief that gives off some kind of French fashion vibe! His long hair definitely adds a wow factor to his fits.

Lucien Clarke (@darkclarke87)

Being one of Palace Skateboards models, Lucien Clarke flexes his street style on his gram. Sometimes he flexes a full on tracksuit too! If you’re into that kind of style, give him a follow.

Tom Emmerson (@tom.emmerson)

Into fashion and photography? Tom has got you covered! If he’s not posting photos of himself, he posts pictures he’s taken of other fashionable people. If you’re into the vibe Gosha Rubchinisky gives off, he’s definitely one to follow.

Bloody Osiris (@bloodyosiris)

His style is a bit similar to Ian Connor with his multiple layer fits and sometimes baggy pants. Spot him rocking multiple brands and some stuff that oddly looks good when worn together!

Luka Sabbat (@lukasabbat)

With the likes of A$AP Rocky, Luka can be seen in multiple garments that’s familiar to us like Vetements, Prada, Givenchy. Other times, you can spot him wearing simple clothes which still looks very fashionable! Some might even call it odd, but style can definitely be an outlet for creativity.

Blondey McCoy (@blondey)

Finally, Blondey. Being a model for Palace Skateboards definitely has its perks as you can view him rocking mad Palace pieces on his feed. His flexes street, vintage, and sport – he’s definitely got cool garms to show off!