The shoephoric Top 6 Most Stylish Women on IG
Friday, 03, August, 2018

Sneakers and streetwear used to be a male dominated scene. Ever remembered when girls had to settle for pink colorways just because those were the only ones made in their size? Not anymore! Celebrating that, we've gathered the most stylish, the most influential and the best pegs for your next SHOUTFIT. Scroll down and see who among them fits your mode of dress. For guys, you can show this one to the bae... 

Yerrr (@wuzg00d)
Wondering how to wear overalls? Flare pants? Or those checkered pants you’ve always wanted to buy? Worry no more as Yerrr gets creative with her fits, which will definitely give you fitspirations on how to rock whatever you want. Even better, her outfits are usually color-coordinated!

Sarah Snyder (@sarahfuckingsnyder)
Sporting Bape, Gucci, Supreme, and more, Sarah’s Instagram goes from all white to all colors or patterns depending on her mood. Give her a follow so you can see how you can possibly pull off remarkable outfits too!

Kim Duong (@bvlckd0pe)
Kim never goes wrong from top to bottom. Her shoes and outfits are always on fire. Her photos rocking Chanel, Prada, Balenciaga, and Off-White might as well get you walking to those retailers and purchase them too!

Sydney Graham (@grahamsydney)
From her chill fits to her modelling photographs, Sydney’s account might probably get you going on fixing your feed – and your fits too! She can definitely show you how your simple top and bottom can go a long way with a little bit of style.

Emily Oberg (@emilyelaineoberg)
SSENSE once wrote an editorial on her, calling her “streetwear’s Martha Stewart.” Emily Oberg shows how simple yet classy you can be, even with street style. From a sporty look to a laid back fit, you can surely find fitspirations from her account!

Adrianne Ho (@adrianneho)
And of course, Adrianne Ho! Who doesn’t want to follow a girl who wears Supreme, Noah, Stone Island, Gucci, Moncler, and adidas? She’s always been an inspiration within the streetwear community, so she might as well influence you too!

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