Pick Of The Week (07-30-2018)
Monday, 30, July, 2018

You never cease to amaze us. Week after, week, you bring the heat that amaze and inspire us all. It's not just the shoe value, it's how much effort you put in capturing images that bring people together in awe. For this batch, we have a wide variety. From modern runners to the trusted classics. Major Monday salutes to the following individuals! 

Willard Nathan Magcalen @wntmgcln & Christian Paul Julian

MarMark @perfect_sole_sneakers & Joel Layno @joel_laynoofficial

Jose Lorenzo Quilla @josexquilla & Jodjo Araña @Badjodjo

Rusli Budiyanto @rusli_hoops

Brianne Gacad @bctninja

Geo Dineros @dinero_geo