An Honest Take On The YEEZY Boost 350 “Butter”
Thursday, 04, July, 2018

adidas has released yet another YEEZY Boost 350 last June 30 in the “Butter” colorway. People have gone crazy yet again for this drop as adidas decided to release it on a first come, first served basis while Commonwealth released it via raffle. As expected, those who camped out the day before secured a slot to purchase and those who arrived on release day had a very small chance to buy a pair.

Kanye West has always envisioned the YEEZY Boost to be widely available, and it seems to be coming true. Though the shoe still receives some momentum every release, its availability is causing it to lose its mystique. More and more people now have a better chance to cop a pair compared to the Turtle Dove era, so we think the YEEZY Boost might already be a bit losing its coveted/super holy grail factor.

The resell value of the silhouette is going down over time since the first drop as more and more pairs are released everytime a new colorway drops. From its peak price of $2,000, it has gone down to $400 and occasionally, even retail. Though the shoes are truly a head-turner and the Boost technology incorporated in the YEEZYs is one of the benefits of having them, but is it really worth the price when a lot of fakes are floating in the market? No love lost though as we still wear them!

If you're not as hyped on YEEZYS no more, would the OG Nike Air Mags from the film be your holy grail? 

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Photos from Highsnobiety