The Original ‘Back to the Future’ Nike Mag Sold For $90K
Tuesday, 04, July, 2018

If you're into classic film memorabilia, then you're in for something crazy! 

The original left-side Nike Mag shoe just sold for a humongous $92,100 on eBay. The shoe was actually made for Back to the Future Part II- and worn by Michael J. Fox! A total collectible that has affected both movie and pop cultures at the same time. This shoe brings back childhood just by staring at them! Magical if you ask us! 

Nearing a state of decay, the shoes are becoming harder and harder to maintain, this requires more than an aircondtioned room and silica gels. This shoe is more than its material form, it's a keepsake that tells a story! 

Over $90,000 is HUGE. The movie came out in 1989, a 30 year old piece of movie history. if you had the dough, would you pull the trigger? 

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 Photos: Highsnobiety and Hot New Hiphop