6 Reasons Why Change Is Good For Shoes & Streetwear
Friday, 29, June, 2018

In today’s ever evolving scene, it’s getting harder and harder for the OG’s to accept change. It is indeed inevitable and whether we all like it or not, change is what we need in order for the street/sneaker scene to survive. Here are some reasons why we think so...

1. It challenges taste - It helps you keep a more open mind. Can’t rock anything beyond baggy jeans for your Jordans or can't go beyond Superstars? Well, maybe it’s time to try out something new. Who knows? You may love the new style you get to try out!

2. It opens opportunities for more designers - The scene is ever evolving and the least expected collaborators are emerging from the woodwork. Virgil Abloh won’t be as successful if his audience weren’t as open minded and welcoming.

3. More choices and diversity - Change means more choices. Think of it this way, your favorites aren’t going anywhere, you’ll just have more styles to choose from.

4. It keeps the movement growing- Because there’s something new and trendy going on, the media will latch on to it providing more hype and more curious personalities. More celeb cosigns mean more attention and more revenue for the brands you love.

5. It becomes more welcoming for the new ones- We all had to start somewhere. This time it will be easier for the new ones to get into it. The more the merrier.

6. Bigger and better things to come. - Just you wait as it will benefit us all. More clothes, more events and of course more shoes to come from more up and coming creative minds!

Speaking of big things, this Kendrick Lamar X Nike Cortez is a huge release and we got a closer look just for you! 

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