More Chunk Coming: The Rise of the Dad Sneaker
Monday, 21, May, 2018

Sneakers generally rely on history. It's a serious matter in the community and it is indeed a big deal. Newbies who can't even retell the story of a certain Jordan will get laughs and jeers from OG's and elitists everywhere. From an outsider, this kind of behaviour would be shallow and trivial.

That still bears weight though as history will always be king, but slowly and surely a trend that bears not much historic value is coming up. Ugly, chunky sneakers that fit your uncle and dad have been on the come up. What was built for orthopedic purposes has become the new fashion must have. It's accepted but it is puzzling at the same time.

One shoe that can be credited for its beginnings was the Raf Simmons Ozweego, the soles got more and more ridiculous with the colors getting funkier and the shapes chunkier.

This is not actually the first time chunky sneakers were a deal. The 90's saw the likes of Osiris and Airwalk skateshoes at their most profane and fatty chunky. Nike churned out the Air Tech Challenge and Air Footscape. Basketball saw the Nike Air More Uptempo and the new generation are rediscovering them like newfound treasures of the past. Skechers is also drawing attention among the more adventurous and curious.

Gone are the conservative canvas wearing hipsters, which paves the way for more obnoxious and oddly shaped sneakers.Call it fashion statements or wrench thrown to the stiff closed minded sneaker groups but history repeats itself and everyone seems to be cool with it.

After all, you don't need to wear them all, you just have to understand at least. 

From the Raf Simons Ozweegos, Maison Margiela Futures or Mixed Media Trainers, Balenciaga Triple-S, and soon Gucci’s Cruise SS18 sneakers, as well as the latest from Acne Studios. The Yeezy “Wave” Runner from Kanye West strongly resembles the éS Scheme skate shoe from way back! Everything is just coming into full circle. 

They may not have historic relevance like the Jordans but maybe history is unfolding right before our very eyes and we are lucky witnesses to it. 

By the way, here are a few tips on how to be a sneakerhead without going for broke. 

Photos from Higsnobiety, Credits to the photographers.