Six Sick Vans Music Collabs You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet.
Tuesday, 01, May, 2018

*Vans was and always be instrumental with musicians, the Vans Warped Tour is a solid example. 

Vans and bands go hand in hand like pancakes and syrup. In the world of sneakers and staying “lit,” the scene may just be all too cluttered and before we forget, Vans always had a program where they worked together with bands they love. If you happen to come across a pair of any of these, cop them and rock them with pride!

1. Vans X Bad Brains X Supreme 



A legend in the DC/Hardcore Punk scene, Bad Brains has always forged their own path mixing hardcore and punk with soulful reggae. This triple collab with Supreme delivers the goods, taking the colorway off their 80’s self titled debut.

2. Vans X Pearl Jam

Photo: Crossover Concept Store

Grunge legends Pearl Jam are still at it. This duo captures the DGAF attitude of Eddie Vedder and co. Green and tasty flannel in a neat looking Sk8 Hi. Stage dives not included. 

3. Vans X The Beatles

Flying off the radar of young sneakerheads, this one should have a spot in your collection whether you’re 19 or 80 years of age. It’s The Beatles!

4. Vans X Suicidal Tencencies

Bearing the rough and tumble streets of Venice, CA, this classic band is given a fitting tribute with a graf-laden Sk8 Hi and Era Low. Very much iconic and still trackable, this one should be in your shelf if you’re into ST. Fast, dirty, uncompromising and hella skatable! 

5. Vans X Iron Maiden

This one is a neatly executed collab. From the box bearing the Iron Maiden album cover art down to the shoes, to the midsole graphics, this is a legendary collection.

6. Vans X Metallica

With the recent Metallica capsule collection, we thought of reminding you of the real OG’s. The first ever Metallica collab pays tribute to “Kill ‘Em All” - The band’s first ever salvo on an unsuspecting world. Legendary!

Music will always be integral to Vans, feel free to share and tell the world about your fave collabs as well! 

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