The adidas Connection: Three Striped Side Stories
Monday, 23, April, 2018

adidas has always maintained a strong presence in the scene especially in the past few years as they dominated a lot of categories, giving Nike some heated challenge. The following are some interesting tidbits about everyone's go to brand. Take them in and remember them by the next time you lace on a pair of three stripes. 

1. The Karhu Connection 

In the 1940s, Karhu owned and trademarked the “three stripes logo”— It was more of an lacing system. Each stripe coordinates to an eyelet.

It was said that Karhu sold the logo to adidas—who was four years older. The stripes never looked back. 

2. Mockba Sneakers 

During the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, adidas was the main sponsor of choice for sportswear, This brought a conflict between the hosts and the brand over the desire to outfit Soviet athletes with adidas. 

The solution saw adidas building a factory in Russia, making shoes specifically for the Olympics. After the event though, the factory still created shoes based on adidas’ specs and aesthetics, with a modified trefoil and the new moniker “Mockba,” the Russian word for “Moscow.”

In turn, they became footwear favorites for Spetnaz soldiers, especially during the Soviet-Afghan War and Chechen Wars. Yes, Mockba still exists to this day. 

3. The Robert Haillet Becomes The Stan Smith 

Professional Tennins Player Robert Haillet retired from professional tennis in 1971 with career achievements in Monte Carlo where he scored back-to-back titles in 1958 and ’59.

Searching for the next shoe flagbearer, adidas simply dropped Haillet’s name from the shoe and swapped it for Stan Smith—a more established player who brought the shoe to iconic status. 

Stan Smith says: “Well, it was interesting. It was the only shoe out there at the time (with leather) and it already had a bit of a following and was fairly unique in tennis.”

4. The Micopacer 

adidas was such a forward thinker in  1984 when they became the first major shoe brand to place a micro sensor inside a model.

Recognize the colored tabs? That's where the famous breakthrough shoe NMD got them. History indeed. 

5. Kanye West X Rod Laver 

Kanye West is now synonymous with adidas. But 2006 saw him collaborate with the brand during his College Dropout days. Created in 2006, these sample Rod Lavers naever made it past the sample stage. 

Things now are very different in the three striped camps as Kanye West pretty much has the brand on lock with release after release bearing his name on them.

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Source: Highsnobiety