Vans Old Skool Flame Wall
Monday, 19, March, 2018

If you are after a pair that's literally on fire, then you shouldn't be looking any further. The Vans Old Skool Flame is a pair that needs no further explanation other than it's definitely a burner. 

Featuring an all black canvas uppers with suede. It's a blacked out pair that sees even the signature stripe all stealthed out including the signature stripe. The only deviation from the blacked out party are the bright red flame graphics that give it a Gucci-ish feel without breaking the bank. 

The flames give off that moving illusion to heighten the visual impact when the wearer rocks it and moves at a breakneck speed. An awesome creative twist to a traditional classic shoe. 

Priced at only $60 USD this is the best heat pair that your sneaker bucks can cop this season to match the scorching hot weather. 

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Photos: Sneaker Freaker