Pick Of The Week (3-12-2018)
Monday, 12, March 2018

Gone are the days when shoes are stocked for a special day, go for the YOLO attitude and break ‘em out once you feel it. From the most grailed to the GR’s, everyone has their fair share of the game! Props to those who forward the scene with images of their most loved pairs.

Got a pair? It’s high time you rocked it today! Greetings to the following:

More shoephoric shots soon and you can be on it!


Sherwin Patdo @spatd0, Charlonne Keith @chapatos_, M.C Ardenio @foshizzles and Jayson Guerrero @mr.quickie 


Gieb de los Santos @MyEmptyBliss and Juan Paolo @j.u.a.n.p.a.o.l.o


Edrey Paul @_edreypaul, @lilprincess_x (lotte bogaerts) and Mho Catalan @guillermhocatalan


MC Velo @mcvelo, Mel Corpuz Rueco @melchrue360 and Matt Tjostolvson


Romil San Luis and Jodjo Araña @bad.jodjo 


Noli Fernan Perez @kidperez

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