Zapateria Co-Creation Launch
Friday, 9, March 2018

Found in the shoe capital of the Philippines, Zapateria opens its doors to further expand the Marikina shoe industry.  

Founded by Rico Sta. Ana, a renowned sapatero, and his daughter Unyx Sta. Ana, the new co-creation hub serves as a platform for cobblers, designers, and hobbyists to collaborate and share their skills and knowledge in the craft of shoemaking.

The community efforts of Zapateria will help foster new talents in the local shoe industry and likewise provide further support to our local artisans.

“Our shoemakers and artisans in Marikina City have been in the industry for so long but they haven’t been properly recognized. Through our community efforts, we aim to open opportunities for them.” shared by co-founder, Unyx Sta. Ana.

So whether you’re a professional shoemaker who wants to expand their business or even a newbie who would like to get hands-on in designing your own pairs, Zapateria promises a complete package. Anyone can immerse themselves with the tools and machines found in their hub. Depending on your needs, you’ll be assisted from the design process, pattern making, branding, and everything in between.  

Filipinos are believed to be a creative bunch and avenues like Zapateria is a perfect vehicle in honing and developing raw skills and the knack for ingenuity. With passion projects of this caliber, we can expect more skilled individuals to be on their toes in bringing their artistry to new heights.

Get in touch with Zapateria at www.facebook.com/pg/zapateria.co

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