Jordan 3 "Black Cement" 2018
Tuesday, 20, February, 2018

If there is a sneaker that successfully combines aesthetics, functionality and history, then you are looking at a shoe so perfect that the guys at Nike doesn’t even have to try. 

For the nth time, we are blessed with another version of the Air Jordan 3 Black Cement, AKA BC3 if you want the slang. This shoe has watched the throne for so long that no matter what “hot shoe” comes out, people keep gravitating towards it.

The cement/elephant print is looking really good as the shade is more faithful to the original version. Shape-wise, it’s a bit fatter and more comfy to the feel on foot. At first wear we can say that it feels like those 90’s fat skate shoes and that is a good thing. For some reason, it’s extra soft on the insole part which adds to its wearability.

The black leather is nicer this time around for its less shinier and it leans more on the matte side of things. This gives the shoe an understated look that’s key to the Jordan 3’s charm. We are loving it.

Of course, the party won’t be complete without the “Nike Air” logo on the heeltab. A small detail yet it brings back so much memories when everything was so simple back then. It used to be just walk into the store, cop and enjoy. Not that we’re complaining but it used to be less stressful back then when it comes to copping sneakers. Ah, how time flies. 

Also, what’s surprising is how easy it is to get your hands on a pair. A Full Size Run!

The resell value is not much which makes it refreshing. If you want a pair, you can get one. Best make your moves because everyone wants them. Don’t miss out because we are telling you, history or hype whatever your reason is, you should get one.

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