The All Soles Day On 63RD ST. Friends Lineup
Friday, 05, October 2018

All Soles Day On 63RD ST. is fast approaching! As you all know, it is a yearly celebration of shoe culture and the wonderful people behind it. 

What is a celebration without some neat contest giveaways right? Expect only the best from our friends coming through! Here is a quick rundown!



Diamond Sneaks

Known for their precious selection of sneaker, streetwear and luxe brands, Diamond Sneaks runs the whole gamut of carrying grails at your convenience. Located in Makati, they are that Diamond that is easy to find.


Kick Statik

A tastemaker store that runs the music and shoe biz like nobody’s business. Carrying various kicks and even vinyl to suit the sneakerhead audiophile in you!

Soleslam Manila

No need to be introduced. Soleslam Manila by Antonio Aguirre is the store for streetwear awesomeness. Carrying varied brands and his own brand as well. Soleslam has been instrumental for pushing streetwear where it’s supposedly headed.

ShoeGame Manila

From sneakers, to clothing to collectibles, ShoeGame Manila has been at it strong since they started and is showing no signs of slowing down. Diverse and strong with their personal taste, they continuously push the envelope.

One Step Ahead Co.

If rarity and exclusivity are your main purchase criterias then look no further. Operating and doing sneaker business like no other, One Step Ahead Co is indeed one step ahead of the game.

Got Goods

From sneakers to wearables and everything much coveted, Got Goods probably has it in stock. Reliable and ready for any shoephoric visit!

SNS Sneaker Cafe

Tastemakers balancing the perfect mix of food treats and heat for the feet. They even have a collab tee with us perfect for any pair you got, or any size of appetite you may have!

Pumped Up Kicks Philippines

Carrying clothing and kicks and other lifestyle brands to suit your every need, Pumped Up Kicks Philippines does shoe business like it’s nobody’s business. They even have their own sneaker arcade for the ones feeling lucky!


Young, wild and free with graphics ranging from the angsty to the sublime, Set Sail is a clothing brand that takes streetwear to a more 90’s vibe.


Crafty sneaker miniatures with details so nice. YUX is in a league of her own. Dominating the game, one sneaker box at a time, she has been at it and is going lit for the kids!

Drone Clothing Co.

Rooted deep from the band scene and now to streetwear, Drone Clothing Co. is a prime example of mixed cultures going for the big leagues. Their latest ones are must cops for the young, stylish and rebellious!


Taking inspiration from a friend next door level, SYF or Support Your Friends carry the support badge as their brand’s source of pride. Their roster ranges from shirts, hoodies and other cool wearables to match your shoe frenzy.

We Drool Supply Co.

A rock based brand now venturing into streetwear, We Drool Supply Co knows what’s up with the music and the streetwear scene. A brand to watch out for on your shoephoric radar.

Above The Ankle

Outfitting your sneaker needs with awesome wearables ranging from shorts to pants and even body bags, Above The Ankle takes the cake for litness in local wear!


Streetwear with an attitude. Don’t let the name fool you. GOONS is a totally laid back brand with an attitude to match.

Mendiola Cartel

From shoes, toys, to collectibles, Mendiola Cartel carries quite a wide range of items at prices you can live with. Go check out their feed!


Tokwa Co.

A lifestyle brand giving tribute to tofu as the healthy alternative, Tokwa Co. is an up and coming brand worth watching out for! From shirts, to caps to bags... total tofu awesomeness!



If you want to keep your kicks extra fresh and squeaky clean, then look no further with Rem's lineup of sneaker maintenance products!



Cop Garden

A haven for cool stuff, kicks and vintage wear. Cop Garden is definitely your next favorite store!



See you for All Soles Day On 63RD ST happening this October 27! 🎉
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