Ivarluski Brings Luxe Streetwear To BFW
Friday, 07, September, 2018

Bench Fashion Week 2018 was an event to remember as we had an exclusive peek from the its Holiday lineup.

It was an assembly of brands which included Cotton On, Kashieca, Human and Proud Race- the latter made a youth-oriented collection which was exciting and energetic but the star of the show was Ivarluski Aseron’s exclusive collection.

shoephoric's favorite designer came through with a collection that is visually provoking and aesthetically satisfying.

Matched with eerie music, Ivar refers to his Off-Center collection as a challenge to the ordinary. “Not literally off-center. but deviating from the normal,” he said. For the designer, his collection also meant “doing different techniques in different manners.” His pieces were a study in fabric and material experimentation much to results that surpass his previous accomplishments.

Another Ivarluski milestone, we can imagine his pieces to match a few holy grail pairs in our collection. Congratulations and more lit pieces to come!