The Vintage Vault Shop Opening
Monday, 13, August, 2018

Vintage clothing and shoes are big ticket items to own. No matter how hard companies try to recreate their look and feel, there is something about the patina of time that draws people into it. Just opened right in Zapote St., Makati is Vintage Vault- a welcome venue for all the retro heads in the city.

Featuring the best curated key pieces around as assembled by shoephoric member Geo Dineros, it's a simple set up packing in heat items ranging from clothing to accesories and pre-owned/brand new kicks to fuel the hypebeast in all of us. 

The best thing about the opening is seeing faces old and new in support of this endeavor. From shop owners to personalities and collectors, everyone seemed to have a good time and genuinely happy for its opening salvo! 

Follow and check out @vintagevault.shop on IG. 

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