A Common Room with a Common Goal
Monday, 09, July, 2018

SYF and Tenement recently held a collab event dubbed as the “Common Room.” The pop-up shop was held at Dulo MNL in Poblacion, where a collaborative merch was released between the two brands.

Both brands offered a selection of garments with various colors and designs such as rugby polos, button downs, long sleeves, jackets, and jerseys from SYF and bags, caps, and tees from Tenement. Art by Anna Bautista and Jose Antonio Reyes was also displayed for sale at the event.

Drinks and food were offered in the event to keep the party going as well as live music by locals such as Lui., Luh Masheen, Butta B, Reggie Kilo, Olympia, and Benz Lee.

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