When Bang Goes Atomic
Monday, 25, June, 2018

Garnering inspirations from streetwear and beyond, Bang Pineda has just launched his clothing line last night at ABS-CBN’s Vertis Tent in Quezon City. Dubbing the event as “The Atomic Bang,” the name hints double the explosion as Bang releases his multiple collections.

Red lights illuminated the room, perfectly matching the Atomic collection. Parading garments in the color of love, an array of models showcased red outfits that were accentuated with black and white. Various black and white pieces were presented such as coats, robes, sweatpants to name a few. A futuristic collection was also thrown into the mix, displaying out of this world designs and colors were infused onto jackets, sweaters, and even headwear! Each of them were different, yet Bang’s creativity was the main glue that held it all together.

As the show went on, Bang presented his collaboration with Vice Ganda – highlighting his signature font on a denim robe, spelling out “VICE x BANG.” Underneath, Vice wore a fuschia-colored outfit which resembled the hue of his makeup collaboration with Bang. And to wrap up the show, a couple’s outfit was unveiled by Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford. Bang’s signature font was plastered repetitively on denim clothings such as jackets, pants, and shorts for added recall and branding.

Bang’s menswear collection expressed versatility as some of his pieces were also modelled by women. This proves that Bang’s creations have universal appeal. The lightshow and music exceptionally complemented the garments as much as puzzle pieces fit together – suffice to say, the show ended with a BANG!

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