SHOUTFIT (12-04-18)
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

When one dons the #SHOUTFIT tag, it’s a badge of honor. It’s being a vanguard of style with substance. Form and function. The meaning behind the ensemble.

This week, we’ve got the ever fashion forward individuals from the community to show us what being shoephoric is about.
Remember that it starts with the shoes but it doesn’t end there... it’s being fresh from head to toe!

Props to the following members for keeping it real daily!

Patrick Plata & Malsh Barrientos @malshmallow

Lloyd Tagatac & Kevin Malabanan @kvnmalabanan

Calderon Dave @calderondgreat  & Jan Serrano @33rd.prince

Malcom Moran

Adi Zakbah & Elle Pacheco Lagado