SHOUTFIT (09-04-2018)
Tuesday, 04, September, 2018

Today marks this killer weekly thing that we call SHOUTFIT. Awarding the best dressed and perfectly put together outfits of our community. With the mixing, the matching, the layering and everything in between. Our members are definitely on fire when it comes to taste. Take a nice pair of shoes, dress around it and give it your personal shot. Nothing gets better than this and we have the photos to prove it.

Much props to the following for stepping up!

Lou Laksamana and Mc Velo 

Jodjo Araña @bad.jodj and Nakz Reyes 

Thomee Meecado @Thomrdsm and Kristine Cabrera @sn_cabrera

JayR Garcia @b0nafide096 and Maj Veloso @marcjoshveloso

Aaron Laforteza @aaronlaforteza and DREW @werdstyle

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