Pick Of The Week (09-03-2018)
Monday, 03, September, 2016

The obsession continues. Ever remember the first time you whipped out a camera for a shoe shot? That feeling is priceless! Every week seems like the first time for our #SHOEPHORIC members. The community keeps on growing. With new members coming in and encouraging individuals at the helm, the sneakerhead spirit is alive and well in these parts. 

This week's edition of Pick Of The Week spans generations and choices. From the classic basketball icons to the modern day runners, sneaker love is out and abound! Whether you're rocking it for the form and the function or you're at it purely for the aesthetics, everything is on point here... Major Monday shoutouts to the following! 

Jayr Garcia

Carl kevin Satiada @kevindyis

Emman Quimson @arkiemman

Derrick Narciso

MarMark @perfect_sole_sneakers

Jon Zoilo @jon_star028

Len Tuzon “John” @len2zon

Kevin Russele @snackssneaks

Justin Bedonia @justinbed_