SHOUTFIT (08-07-2018)
Tuesday, 07, August, 2018

This week, we've got an assembly of the best put together outfits and looks. Don't get us wrong, our criteria is wide and infinite. We see beyond the photos. It's the overall swagger and vibe. We give it to you, our members for always delivering more than the predictable. You mix it up into something you can call yours. Thank you for keeping it diverse! 

Thomee Mercado @thomrdsm and Charles Collado @Charlson_

Dice Rosaroso and Justin Bedonia @justinbed_

Gino Lorenzo and Derrick Narciso @shoezen.one

Michael Guieb and Jodjo Araña @bad.jodjo

Brylle Arguelles @bryllearguelles and Rainier Crescini @rainiercrescini_

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