SHOUTFIT (07-17-2018)
Tuesday, 18, July, 2018

SHOUTFIT is not just what you see, it's more than that. It's the attitude that comes with the whole look. It's unexplainable but yet it's an invisible handshake and a nod of approval for those in the know. 

Here at shoephoric, we know that it takes a lot of effort and we took the time out to pick the outstanding and the most creative outfits that revolve around the love for footwear. Much love to this week's batch! 

Charles Collado @charles_ & Ann Jacobe @annjacobe

Froi Jacinto @illcityfroi

Jan Serrano @33rd.prince & Ryan Icatar @ryeicatar

Briannce Gacad @bctninja

Mackie Tano @yeahmackieboy & Dhey Tolentino @john_dhey