Pick Of The Week (07-16-2018)
Monday, 16, July, 2018

There is a downpour of awesomeness! 

Mondays will never be as predictable because of our regular influx of entries from the best of the best. The word hypebeast may connote something negative but not within the shoephoric halls. We love how hyped you are and we look forward to all the heat photos you can provide every single week! Mad props to the following...

Brianne Jacobe @Swiloo and Ryan Icatar @ryeicatar

Derrick Narciso @shoezen.one

@malishoez.1 and @Seth.hematch

Kristina Cañaberal @tinacanaberal

Mel Corpuz @melchrue360

Daniel Pastrana @fckyeahdaniel

Kiwi John Genesis @kiwi.poto & Lord Gavin @gavinmarcial