SHOUTFIT (07-09-2018)
Tuesday, July, 2018

Time flies fast. Evolving and ever shifting gears toward the unexpected. 

Trends that you thought would never happen chances are will be the in thing. Those who are skeptical of it will be rocking them soon. 

In this ever changing world of shoes and fashion, it takes a certain stronghold on your own look and vibe at the same time considering what's hot and lit right now. It's this certain mastery of combining the new with the traditional, and we recognize those who push the envelope. Today's batch know what's up! Virtual medals go to the following... 

Gracey Dohm @graceydohm & Ryan @hvn_x

Sherwin Patdo @Spatd0 & jb @Jamespranko

Froi Jacinto @illcityfroi & Lord Gavin @gavinmarcial

Bryan Dalapa @bhrydohm & Ryan Icatar @ryeicatar