Pick Of The Week (07-09-2018)
Monday, 09, July, 2018

There is no substitiute for good taste and our members know that for a fact. 

Shoes will always be the most precise reflection of style, everything that follows suit is just gravy. They may be chilling below but they make your whole ensemble glow. These individuals know truly what's up and they live the lifestyle through photos that immortalize the essence of sneakerdom. A slow round of applause for this week's batch! 

@lilcityfroi and David Matriano

Dwi Indra Prabowa @dip_phtgrphy

Juan Paolo Magalona

Eli Betran @iggyrafa

Briz lbe Cananan & Justin Bedonia @justinbed_

Eugene Carl Immanuel & Jonathan Zollo @jon_star028

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