SHOUTFIT (07-02-2018)
Tuesday, 03, July, 2018

Our mode of dress is an extension of our persona. It's an advanced handshake from a distance. Inspiring with a sense of power and class. Nothing beats a well put together outfit. 

Dressing from the feet up is not lived by like a mantra from some book. It comes naturally. It's instinct. The styling, the flavor comes not from aesthetics merely but by purpose. Balancing style and functionality is a streetwear staple. Our members know what's up and we've chosen this week's standouts. Greetings to the following...

Patrick Plata and Christian Claridad

Derrick Narciso @shoezen.one

MC Velo @mcvelo

Jodjo Arana @bad.jodjo

Radley Santos @radicolous and Carlo Bunag @1carlob


Toska Jacobe @toskajacobe and Kiwii John Genesis @kiwi.poto

DREW @werdstyle and Deegee Razon @dgrazon

FrayJohn Franzine