Pick Of The Week (07-02-2018)
Tuesday, 03, July, 2018

This scene of ours is totally autonomous. We have our own language yet we are welcoming in all aspects since shoes are meant to be enjoyed by everyone... yet there's a few of us with a deeper appreciation for it. We understand that! Inside and out obsessed and proven real. 

Sneaks, shoes, kicks, whatever pet name we call them, one thing stays true. The obsession never stops. We take every angle and treat it like an artform as others would treat it like a painting. The obsessionnever stops and it shows no signs of slowing down by the looks of it. No complaints here! These are works of art that are captured and immortalized through the talents of our fellow shoephorics. Killer high fives to the following:

Nina Deocareza Soria and Benedict Chua @ben.04

Joel Carreon Layno @joel_laynoofficial and Kiwii John Genesis @kiwi.poto

Steffnocon @slauree and Vno Nava 

Billie Santiago @billie.without.y

Sherwin Patdo @spatd0

Michael Francia @michaelfrancia and Rusli Budiyanto