SHOUTFIT (06-26-2018)
Tuesday, 27, June, 2018

Just when you thought a killer pair can define your look, it's more than meets the eye. It's about the assembly of your ensemble and how you represent your inner shoephoric. 

The love for shoes doesn't merely stop on the pairs themselves. It's the confidence you exude with every step, it's the fine attention to detail, color and the overall look. The #SHOUTFIT that makes onlookers go; "Man, that person did his homework!" We encourage each and everyone of you to show us what you got as we get inspired by each other. Your style may be different but that makes the scene move forward! 

Major big ups to the following who show us what we're about! 


Paulo Barongan @paubarongan & Bryan Dalapa @bhrydalapa

Patrick Songco @patricksongo & Rica Jacobe @Jacobeyyy

Sherwin Patdo @spatd0 & Justin Bedonia @justinbed_

Dianne @diarnne

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