Pick Of The Week (06-12-2018)
Tuesday, 12, June 2018

Have you ever experienced seeing a pair of shoe and thought “Meh”, but when you see it on feet it suddenly changes to “Dayumm”?

It happens to us all. shoephoric is loaded with a variety of on-feet and nice close up pics to give you a taste of what each shoe has to offer. Nothing frilly. Just clean detailed shots for you to enjoy.

Here’s some amazing pictures from your fellow shoephorics. Enjoy!  

MC Velo @mcvelo


Robin Camacho and Chris Virgil Coronel @chrissyperminute


Matt Tjostolvson


Brianne Gacad @bctninja


Mel Corpuz Rueco @melchrue360


Justin Bedonia @justinbed_


Joseph Edward Ferrera @100mm_prime


Rafael Coloyan


Peeboy Corral @peeboycorral


Jazel Bagsic

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