SHOUTFIT (05-25-2018)
Tuesday, 29, May 2018

Simple pieces can go a long way. You can create a bunch out SHOUTFITs with a few key pieces in your closet. Let’s take some cues from our featured looks.

Accessories: Style it up with caps, sling bags and watches. It’s functional fashion. A good tip is to match either of them with your shoes – it’ll give you an instant “well put together” look.

Rip jeans: Give your boring old jeans another chance and rip them up. Plus tattered ripped jeans are always on trend.

Bling: Gold necklaces are in. But if you’re not into Ben Baller look, a simple gold chain bracelet can go a long way.

Layer up: Jackets rule, but let’s be real. Don’t force it if it’s too hot. Instead, consider lightweight work shirts as layering.

Shoes: Take advantage of the summer and add your most colorful shoes to your rotation.

It’s simple and highly effective. Reinvent your look and check out these SHOUTFITs for some ideas.  

FrayJohn Franzine @ frayjohn_franzine and Len Tuzon  @Len2Tuzon


Hi-C and MC Velo @mcvelo


Malcolm Cruz Moran @malishoez1 and Brianne Gacad @bctninja


Patrick Plata @cheffypats


Paolo Ryan @all.about.ryan & Nelson Reyes Perez @docrivernelson218


Carlo Bunag @1carlob, Ann Jacobe @annjacobe with Toska Jacobe @toskajacobe


Andrew Carganilla Baler @werdstyle and Rica Jacobe @jacobeyyy