Top 6 shoephoric #SHOUTFIT Tips
Wednesday, 16, 2018

It’s the year 2018, and gone are the days when it’s just the shoes that do the talking. It’s not about how expensive or how dope your pair is anymore, it’s about that full swag - on how you put yourself together. You may rock a GR or a limited pair but at the end of the day, it’s all about that look you come up with.

With brands and collabs coming in rapidly, we are sure confusion sets in and instead of searching further, we took the liberty of giving you tips to style up your #SHOUTFIT.


SHOUTFIT: Maj Veloso @marcjoshveloso, Justin Bedonia @justinbed_, Shanise Alcalde @shanisealcalde

1. If you got nice sneakers, make sure you invest in your clothes.

What’s the use of heat if you can’t compliment them nicely?  Nice jeans with the perfect jean lay can do so much on those nice kicks you bought for P40,000 or more. Invest in a few key pieces that are neutral in color. Get more mileage and enjoy the fit.


SHOUTFIT: Bryan Jayson Dalapa @bhrydalapa, Marc Jacob Pacifico @marcjacobp, Vince Greg @vince.greg

2. Stop looking like a brand ad.

Of course, logos define the products we wear but it would look nicer if we put the logos to a minimum. Make it a finishing touch to the outfit instead of making the brand define you. Own it instead. 


SHOUTFIT: Carlo de Guzman @gavinmarcial, Andrew Ong @kickstography, Cheche Revilla @checherevilla          

3. Find your signature look.

Got a thing for white clothing and bright sneakers? Want it all black everything? Simply build a look for all the shoes you own and have clothing ready for your next photo shoot. Saves time and fashion boos! 


SHOUTFIT: Joel Carreon Layno @joel_laynoofficial, Raniel Moraleta @brainspread, Edrey Paul @_edreypaul

4. Look past shoe specific clothing.

Too much sneaker/shoe brands on your clothing? Try shopping outside the usual. There are simple but effective pieces out there that can make a huge impact on your kit. Make it happen, even a worn-out band shirt or a plain black hoodie can go a long way. 


SHOUTFIT: Toska Jacobe @toskajacobe, Hi-C and @u_neekua, Nika Higashionna @nikahigashionna

5. Make the colors work for you.

If you love colorful patterns and the like, make sure you limit it and get pieces that complement the loud ones. From socks to the joggers to the jeans, color should be the cherry on top, not the main menu. Some people can pull the skittles look, but then it’s not for everyone. 


SHOUTFIT: Ann Jacobe @annjacobe, JC Reyes @mr.j_reyes, Rachelle Ruth Capalungan @ruthcplngn

6. Confidence.

It goes a long long way, you may have the most expensive pair but it doesn’t mean a thing without that confident pose. Stand straight or come up with a signature stance and feel like a million bucks- your shoephoric best!

By the way, one shoe that’s #SHOUTFIT worthy is the Converse Chuck Taylor 70s X OFF WHITE collabs. How would you dress up in them? Feel free to share this one. Stay shoephoric!