SHOUTFIT (05-05-2018)
Wednesday, 2, May 2018

Let’s welcome the new month with bold styles!

We have sights from shoephorics from all over the world with each one of them making a solid statement in their respective streetwear scene. We may have different styles and different cultures, but what we do have in common – we can break necks!

Meet these cool individuals who know how to dress from the feet up. Cheers to all!

BTW we're going to have a special discount on our shoephoric Summer 2018 collection at Manila Sneaker Expo 6

Grab your shirt and rock your best summer SHOUTFIT! See you there!

Michael Lavarias @jhayzellavarias and Tern Hermosura


Michael de Guia @mic23d and Hi-C.


Malcolm Cruz Moran @malishoez1 and Jayr Garcia @b0nafide096


Mho Catalan @mho_gee and Adi Zakbah @adizakbah88


Clockwise from bottom left: Paolo Ryan, Brianne Gacad @bctninja, Jan Serrano @33rd.prince