OFF–WHITE Air Jordan 1 x Balenciaga Triple S
Wednesday, 21, March, 2018

Customizing and combining sneakers has always been a huge thing since the infancy of sneakehead-dom but it's another thing when one ridiculous pair is combined with another. This time, it's the iconic Jordan 1 by Virgil Abloh and the super fat Triple S Balenciaga sneaker.

The Sneaker customizer @searleivy gives the whole thing a twist as he had the wild idea to make a super loud shoe combining the OFF WHITE Jordan 1's uppers and the black/red soles of the futuristic looking Triple S.

The overall look is a futuristic hype shoe. Imagine Michael Jordan playing in it, or the most androgynous model rocking it on the runway, either way it looks fire!

Given the low-res image, the whole shoe is distressed to give it a more cohesive worn out look. A one-of-one, @searleivy didn't mention if it's for a client or if he'll be rocking them himself.

Do you think it works? Will you buy a pair if they get produced?

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