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Don’t Blame The Kids “Telefuture - DELIVERY 2”
Monday, 4, September 2017

“I don’t get kids these days”, we’re sure you’ve heard this before. And you know what? The next time you hear someone mutter this mundane statement, answer them optimistically an say “Exactly, and that’s a good thing.”

We’re not supposed to fully understand the youth. If we did, there won’t be any change. No surprises. No growth. So don’t blame the kids for being kids.  

Last week we visited our good friends from DBTK to get first dibs of their second collection of Telefuture. The fresh release is their interpretation of the 80's. From matching fully printed tops and bottoms to vibrant color-block windbreakers, the whole set gives the same bold vibes the decade was known for, but with a new age retrospect. 

It was a fashion studded launch with everyone wearing DBTK apparel. We’re real proud seeing this brand grow. Daring and unapologetically real, they speak for the youth and our local street culture. Congratulations to our once Featured shoephoric Vince and Emil, and the entire team of Don’t Blame The Kids. 

You can check out the entire Telefuture - DELIVERY 2 collection at

Facebook: dbtkco

Instagram: @dontblamethekids

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