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Thursday, 24, August, 2017

The past is back with a vengeance. 

Ah, what better way to celebrate fashion with brands that bring so much memories? Eversince the Beastie Boys and countless other rappers wore FILAs we never looked at the brand the same ever. it was hip-hop, it was street, it was Wu-Tang Clan, it was your aspiring rapper friend with the large cassette collection of the classics. Unstoppable. 

It was FILA at their finest... and they are back! 

FILA is slowly but surely bringing the goods by making nostalgia do the magic for them. This collaboration with Gosha Rubchunskiy brings back FILA back to the map. Not really considered that street by the younger set, this collab indeed gives the brand the added push. They may not be as hot as Nike or adidas but FILA is FILA and that's the great thing about it, they owe nobody and explanation as they go about their business. If you know, then you know. 

Featuring leather uppers, nubuck panels, slyly placed branding and sexy gumsoles, this one is the perfect marriage of 80's nostalgia and bold contemporary streetwear working together in perfect harmony. 

All in all this twist of Gosha Rubchunskiy on the T-1 Mid sneakers deserves a place in your collection. Old school? new school? It don't matter because your class starts now. 

Speaking of retros, the Nike Air VaporMax is back. Best check it out! 

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