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SHOUTFIT (08-11-2017)
Friday, 11, August 2017


Squad goals.

You guys look so good, we want to stand right next to you to get a piece of that action! Your #SHOUTFIT is real styling for everyday wear, not too loud, not blah, just dressed down with attitude. Thanks for sharing your looks with us.

By the way, weekly SHOUTFITs will be featured in our SHOUTFIT magazine. So if you've been featured before you may want to check out our latest issue!

SHOUTFIT 2 is available in SHOEPHORIC ZINE at and App Store.  


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Bryan Bareno‎


Jayr Garcia


Jem Paz


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Carlo Bunag


Dhexter Suerte


Jeg Nealega
In frame: @thomrdsm


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Mel Corpuz Rueco


Ryan Ramirez

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