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ROAR in Katy Perry
Monday, 27, February 2017

We’ve proven time and time again the strong bond between music and shoes. If it’s not a heavy collaboration with brands like Jennifer Lopez X Giuseppe Zanotti and Rihanna X PUMA, it’s an eponymous footwear label.  

Katy Perry recently launched her one shoe brand! The award winning pop star first mentioned that she would be having her very own footwear label last year with a surprising tidbit that the process is years in the making. Superstars and self-labeled fashion brands have a taboo reputation of being “just another celebrity brand”, but this isn’t one of them. Together with her partner Global Brands, Katy Perry is seriously on hands with each and every design.

In an interview, Katy Perry confessed her long love for shoes and mentioned her first collection holds some designs inspired from her earlier years.  The “Jessica” bunny flats, for example, is a rendition of Perry’s cherished Dalmatian shoes when she was a teenager. “I swear I started so many conversations because of those shoes. I had to get them resoled several times — and I didn’t have the money for it.” She said, also pointing out her experience gave way to the pricing strategy of her shoes, which retails for a highly affordable USD 59 to USD 299.

Just as expected Katy Perry’s shoe line is a kaleidoscope of colors and cheeky designs. With collections like Hav’ana Good Time and Pumped Up The Jam, you can choose from star-studded high heels, race car shaped flats to sparkly sequin sneakers. The ultra fun line runs side by side to the likes of Charlotte Olympia and the whimsical Sophia Webster.

Here’s a few of our favorite designs from Katy Perry Collection. Have ROAR-ing fun time!

You can purchase the Katy Perry shoes at

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