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Our Legacy X Vault by Vans
Tuesday, 14, February 2017

Vans is known for band collabs just like the Slayer classics we featured a few days ago. Regardless of his Swedish roots, Our Legacy's co-founder Jockum Hallin was weaned on the sound of the early 90's- mainly the sound of DIY Hardcore Punk which also included skateboarding.

Vans trademarks if you may ask, and their collaboration is totally reflective of those subcultures. The collection boasts of sneakers that look like they came out off 80's/90's Hardcore Punk album covers.

Decked out in simplicity with a lot of meaning, the collection is a sure must have among nostalgic fans and those who want a taste of the classic Hardcore/Punk vibe. Clothing with the same theme are also included with the collection. 

"We imagined someone’s wardrobe. The wardrobe of someone that might surf in the morning, then head straight to work. Someone that might skate in the afternoon, go on a date on a Saturday night and then wake up to go to a hardcore matinee show." 

Our Legacy x Vault by Vans collection to be available from Vault accounts this February 25. Prices are set to range from $78 to $298 USD. 

Also, check out the Mastermind X Converse Collab if you're into more rock-inspired joints. 

Source: Hypebeast

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