March 19, 2017
Rocking the weekend. Have a great one!
Happy holidays! #shoephoric
April 15, 2017
The shoephoric SHOUTFIT mag is dedicated to the ever changing world of shoes and how you style it up. It's an outlet for expression and visual standouts. Whether subtle or loud, it's your choice... it's your #SHOUTFIT! Yes! Update your shoephoric Magazin
April 08, 2017
We have giveaway happening soon... get ready with your #shoutfit.😉
April 04, 2017
The love for shoes isn’t what the latest trend is, but what truly rocks your #shoephoric sole. S/O to the ff for reminding us that diversity and individuality rules! F R A N C I S, Geo Dineros, macmelo15, Mel Corpuz Rueco and Noli Fernan Perez
March 23, 2017
You’re all winners in our eyes. But as our tradition goes, we give a big shout out to those who made all of us feel – #shoephoric! S/O to Francis Mercado, Frederick Palileo, Harold Victorino, Mel Corpuz Rueco, Noli Fernan Pereze
March 17, 2017
Simply legendary. What's your all time fave?
March 16, 2017
To all our ladies! Show us your shoes - be it heels, kicks, or anything that you love - cause tonight is your night. Tag #LadiesNight
March 15, 2017
Pick of The Month (February 2017) Our culture We all support one another and cheer on those who truly live the #shoephoric lifestyle. For Feb, props to Joseph Du our Pick of The Month for spreading the love!
March 15, 2017
Shoes Outfit = #Shoutfit
March 06, 2017
"We rock every shoe that we have. We don’t just buy and stock them. But it’s me who does all the cleaning." ~ Dice & Hi-C, Featured #Shoephoric
February 28, 2017