Watch, Learn, Rock. Ralph Porteria
Wednesday, 10, August 2016

When it comes to sneaker reviews and stories, nothing is as convincing as a Youtube video. It is the top of mind medium in getting that complete audiovisual experience and finally deciding if that shoe is totally worth the money or not.

Aside from that, we are given a unique perspective from the reviewer's eye. The emotions he portrays upon unboxing, the joy in getting the pair he camped out for, the way he plans to dress that pair up and more. It's the total sneaker culture experience. 

YouTube personalities are today's rockstars. 

One Youtube personality that we regularly watch out for is WooHooligan aka Ralph Porteria. Making videos in between soccer games and helping run Commonwealth PH, the dude is a tastemaker as many look up to his reviews and style. 

Let's hear it from
the man himself... 

First of all, tell us something about yourself... what do you do and what shoe categories are you in love with?

My name is Ralph and I make Sneaker Videos on YouTube.  I enjoy wearing anything from boots, trainers, collabs to designers. 

We see you've got a diverse collection of keepers, do you have a specific pair in mind that sets the standard for your acquisitions?

As of the moment, my set standard for sneakers would have to be the adidas Ultraboost. All hype aside, they’re truly one of the most comfortable sneakers being produced today.  So right now I’ve been buying sneakers that are in the same wave length as the Ultraboost in terms of comfortability. 

Streetwear and sneakers. Why do they go hand in hand? Long gone are those just into kicks alone or for history's sake.

Sneakers has always been a huge part of Streetwear. Sneakers and Fashion in general has always complimented each other very well. The collectors will always be there but in today’s day and age, image is everything to these kids. I mean they make shoelace bracelets to match sneakers nowadays haha..

Share with us some memorable sneaker stories…

I’ve had my fair share of sneaker experiences haha.. Camping, lining, or raffles, you name it. I’ve been through it all. My craziest sneaker story I probably have is when I camped out for 3 days outside Nike Park BGC for the Gamma Blue XI’s. Looking back at it now makes me laugh considering how much those shoes go for nowadays but I don’t regret it one bit. All the people I met at these Sneaker Release Camp Outs are fellow sneaker heads that I call my friends till this day. 

Do you think shoes should be the basis for one's whole look while dressing up? Color matching and all?

I’m not a huge fan of colour matching haha.. I used to match basketball jerseys with sneakers back in Middle School but those days are long gone. Now I focus more on tones. If I wear a dark toned fit, i’ll choose a dark toned shoe. I don’t think shoes should be the basis for one’s look.  For me, I think of what I wear first depending on my mood and where I’m going. Once I’ve chosen my outfit, picking the shoes is the last thing I do. Shoes should be the icing on the cake. 

The WooHooligan Top 5 Shoes

What's your next shoe purchase? Is it a new release or a classic from years ago?

Both actually. I’m really excited to see what shoe adidas gives Alexander Wang. Hopefully he gives him his own shoe so we have a new silhouette to look forward to like what Yohji Yamamoto did with Y-3.  I’m also looking forward to the remastered Jordan 1 Breds that are set to release in September. Like I mentioned before, I slowed down on my Jordan purchases but this one will be a no brainer.

Your videos are awesome! how Who inspired you in pulling off such informative YouTube videos?

So when I moved to the Philippines, I had zero idea about the sneaker culture out here. To be perfectly honest, there really wasn’t one at the time and when you saw someone wearing numbered Jordans it was a big thing. I would watch sneaker videos from the US and the youtubers would talk about where they got their sneakers and how they acquired them. No one at the time was doing that here in the Philippines, so I thought why not try it. The feedback was amazing. Through YouTube I’ve connected with like minded individuals who share the same passion as I do. I love it.

There will always be something new. Can you share with us stuff to look out for from the Woohooligan radar?

Yes! I’ll be collaborating with a few sneaker stores soon.  I’ll be starting a new segment where I highlight sneaker stores around the Metro. It’s summertime and a lot of people are visiting the Philippines for vacation so hopefully my videos help. I’ll also be collaborating with local streetwear brands to showcase their collections as well. 

What for you is a #shoephoric?

A Shoephoric is a sneaker geek and I mean that as a positive connotation. Someone who gets all excited over new shoes and new materials. Someone who keeps telling themselves they’ll stop buying sneakers but keeps finding themselves in a sneaker store every time they’re at a mall. 

Feel free to make shootouts!

Huge Shout Out to the Shoephoric family for even considering me as a feature. Please visit my Social Medias as well if you guys have time! 

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