Pick of The Year 2015
Friday, 15, January 2016

The appreciation for shoes goes beyond the pair itself.

When you embrace this obsession, you'll find yourself living life with a bigger spring in your step.
Your overall style changes, you begin to appreciate the culture and you start sharing your love with like-minded individuals, you also become more patient with the unfamiliar and the curious – thus, the makings of a true Shoephoric.

Each day we get our needed dose of footwear affection from our fellow #Shoephoric friends, but we all look forward to the individuals who go the extra mile to give us a higher dose of inspiration.

From our Pick of The Month feed we proudly present to you the winning shot to end 2015 and set off 2016 with a bang!

The adidas Stan Smith by Oscar Toledano, our Pick of The Year for 2015!

It was the year of the Stans, it's the staple of all fashion goers from street style to lux. In a single clean shot, Oscar was able to capture the essence of being #Shoephoric.

Get to know the man behind the lenses..

First of all, tell us something about yourself, what do you do and what shoe lines are you in love with? 

First of all, I want to thank you guys for choosing me to be featured on your page. With thousands of members, it is really such an honor and privilege to be here.

My love for sneakers started when I was a varsity player for San Beda Alabang (FKA Benedictine Abbey School) and back then, I really could not afford to buy the nice ones. In fact, my first sneakers was Grosby (go imagine lol). There were also not a lot of choices too back then. Jordan’s were pretty expensive and tough to acquire.

I love limited pieces sneakers from Jordan’s, Asics, New Balance, Adidas, Louboutin, LV’s, Hermes – pretty much a mix of high and low ends. Acquiring a “limited” pair really makes me Shoephoric.

We see you've got a diverse collection of keepers, do you have a specific pair in mind that sets the standard for your acquisitions?

I do have a diverse shoe collection, from high to low end. The high end ones, to be honest with you, are the most uncomfortable ones LOL – with stiff leather and hard soles. The low end ones tend to be the most comfortable. I read this quote from Christian Louboutin “I hate it when people tell me my shoes are comfortable” and I could only laugh. Hahahaha..

Every time I buy a pair of shoes or sneakers, I always make sure that I will like it and be able to wear or pair it with my wardrobe. Some people collect and buy sneakers even if it doesn’t match their personality. I think you have to be able to ROCK it and WEAR it with flare. Anybody can wear a pair of Yeezys but not all of them can pull it off. You can own the most expensive kicks but if you can’t pull it off, it will only look bad. Simply put, I only buy shoes that I like (regardless of the hype) - I wear them and enjoy them.

Nice watch collection as well! What’s the story behind it?

It’s just a hobby of mine that turned out to be a business in the long run. I sometimes include it on some of my shoe shots.

Give us your top 5 shoes. Why them? 

We love to travel and I would bring this pairs in a heartbeat  anywhere I go. There are only 3 reasons why I choose this as my top 5 shoes. It’s because they are very STYLISH, COMFY and they will go with almost every outfit you pair them. Also to add on it I get a lot of compliments on them. LOL!

1. New Balance 530 

2. New Balance  574 CAMO

3. adidas Stan Smith FOURNESS TOKYO


5. Last but not least JORDAN 3’S

Besides kicks, you also shared a few heel shots that wowed everyone. Who is this mysterious heel lover? Who would you say is the bigger shoephoric?

Hahahaha.. I had a feeling this question will pop out. That would be my other half. And between the two of us, she is more SHOEPHORIC!!! She is not really a sneakers person (meaning she has less than 10) but is more into stilettoes (Louboutin’s mostly) or just anything with heels. To quote my other half, "The higher the heels, the better.” LOL! She is more of a fashionista than me so sometimes, you would see photos of me wearing sneakers and she would be in her usual heels. It actually looks cool when you go out wearing the opposite fashion - we call it the High-Low Fashion. LOL

What's your most memorable #shoephoric story?

This story is really funny. My other half and I had a HUGE fight over something and to ease out the tension, I left the house for a couple of minutes. When I got back, half of my shoe collection is missing. When I asked her, she told me that she threw it all in the dumpster. OH EM GEE!!! I must have run faster than Usain Bolt because that day was garbage collection day. I ran as fast as I can, went to the dumpster and jumped over a ton of filth. It was like diving in the middle of an ocean full of trash. Lucky me, I found the 2 huge trash bags with my shoes still inside. Recovering those sneakers is probably the best feeling I ever had for the longest time - that Shoephoric feeling was beyond!!

Went back home to the OH who was laughing hysterically!

Your shots really stand out, how do you get inspired in pulling off such killer shoe shots? 

Thank you!! I do it all by myself. It’s tough to take a perfect shot with no help using a DSLR. Most of the shots are just around the house, using whatever available props there is that I feel would make a photo look cool and then I try to take a couple of shots.

My other half sometimes thinks I’m weird when I let her pose with her feet up on Stilettoes and with the Jordan on top of it but after I told her it got featured on Shoephoric, that’s when she started really getting into it LOL.

I like taking photos that tells a little story. Photos that when you look at it, seems like there is more to it than just a photo.

We have so many good members who really take awesome shots. Some of them are very creative and really have excellent imagination.

Perfect theme, Perfect Outfit, Perfect timing, Perfect angle and most importantly, Perfect Lighting is what I always look for.

There's an ongoing intensified hyped up battle between adidas and Nike now. What brand do you fancy more? Why?

IMHO, Nike will still be on top, not only with the Jordan lines, but in almost every sport where they have a wide variety of cool sneakers. Adidas is not so far behind.  I think those Yeezys made Adidas more popular now with the exception of the Superstar and Stan Smith where they have always been known for. Don’t get me wrong, one of my favorite pair of sneakers are my Stan Smiths. They are very comfy, classic and stylish in a simple way. For me, Nike’s designs are cooler and more stylish than Adidas.  They don’t focus on one line and promote the hell out of it.  Shoe design is very important because that’s what people see first. 

What for you is a #shoephoric?

I think it has a similar meaning as shoephoria “The feeling of intense happiness upon purchasing a pair of shoes”.

Feel free to make shoutouts!

I would like to say thank you to this awesome community for choosing me to be featured on your page. I know there are a lot of good and excellent members that are far more worthy. It is very humbling to be this year’s “chosen one”.

Thank you also to my other half for supporting my hobby (collecting sneakers) and trying to cope up with all of my crazy photo shoots. And lastly, to our 12 year old niece LeAnn, who sometimes reminds me to take a shoe shot whenever we go on vacation.

My niece Leann’s first Shoephoric shot.

Thank you again and more power #SHOEPHORIC!!! God Bless!!