The #ShoephoricApp: In Full Stride!
Friday, 18, December 2015

A few months ago, we've launched the #ShoephoricApp to the world and the response was awesome. We’ve rounded up a few of our friends to say a lil’ something about our labor of love. Here’s a roll call of those who’ve downloaded the app and are enjoying it ever since. Check out they’ve gotta say!

You can join our feature too! Simply send us a picture of you holding your phone with the #ShoephoricApp and your answer to why you love the app to feedback@shoephoric.com

Be Shoephoric!

"It's very easy to use and easy to access." ~ Antonio Aguirre Jr., Sole Slam Manila CEO

"We love the #shoephoric app because it’s like a compact version of all the stuff we like... Online shopping, social media and lots of information about shoes. It’s not just an app that sits on your smart phone eating up your phone's storage. You actually use it and it becomes a part of your life." ~ Mrs. Statik, Kickstatik CEO

"The #ShoephoricApp give me the latest news on kicks, streetwears and upcoming events all over the country. Keeps me updated. It’s never behind on what’s coming." ~ Jason Paralejo, LIVINLAVco. Owner

"We like the app because of how it connects other shoe lovers. It's so interesting to see their posts and various tastes in shoes. All so different, but the thing we have in common is we all love shoes." ~ Celyn and Trifina Sala, Owners of Sala Chaussures

"One stop app for the sneaker enthusiast community. Shoephoric continues to hover above the current kick culture catering old heads and new fans alike." ~ Aldwin G., Sneakpeek

"The #ShoephoricApp serves all my shoe cravings. Buying and selling is made easy with Shoephoric App. It also gives me updates on upcoming releases. What to cop, what’s hot. And best feature of the app is that I get to interact with my co-resellers/collectors. I love reading/sharing sneaker stories and featured sneaker events. #ShoephoricApp is perfect for sneakernuts!" ~ FSV, KICKSTOGO


"It keeps Shoephorics connected!" ~ Tal de Guzman, Owner and Designer of Risqué Designs https://www.facebook.com/RisqueDesignsPH